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Gregory Kauffman began his writing career by winning a national poetry contest while still in school. After earning a Master's Degree in Theatre, he worked as a theatre educator. He has spent most of his career as a theatre director working with playwrights in developing new scripts.

Of his own work, he has had three original plays produced: an ensemble piece based on the war poems of Wilfred Owen called Anthem, a performance art piece, and a musical for children (book and lyrics) named The Dragon and Amanda His produced film and television writing includes two television commercials and four short films. In addition to having written science fiction short stories, he has done many film reviews and film essays for local newspapers in Seattle, where he lives.

After finishing a draft of a screenplay about Manuela Senz, he began research to novelize the story.  Years of meticulous research into life in the Spanish colonies have gone into the creation of this historically accurate novel about one of South America's most intriguing heroines.

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